These frequently asked questions will be updated as we get new ones. If your question isn’t on here, please  feel free to get in touch!


I’m not a PhD researcher, can I come?

Yes, of course! The term “young researcher” does not just apply to PhD students. There are often recently-graduated PhDs, post-docs, lecturers, and masters students who come to YRM. Just note that content is aimed to be accessible to PhD researchers, and depending on our funding we may not be able to support you. We recommend that masters students check it over with their supervisor before attending.


I have a disability, will I be able to access the conference?

Of course we want YRM to be as accessible to everyone as possible and so we have tried to make sure there is step-free access to all of our lecture rooms and catering venues. Please feel free to talk to us further via our email.


I need an invitation letter, how do I get one?

Please email us if you need an invitation letter.


I am travelling from overseas, can you pay for my travel?

Unfortunately, our funding is limited. For this reason we are putting priority on UK travel for as many of our participants as we can, and so we may only be able to consider (for example) your coach from the airport to Southampton. However, if the cost of your flight to the UK is comparable to the cost of a normal coach or train trip, we may be able to consider it when we have a better idea of numbers.


I am a parent, is there support for my childcare?

Please get in touch with the organisers, as there may be support available.