Speakers & Participants

This year we are looking forward to seeing a great selection of speakers from a range of fields across mathematics. So far, they are:

  • Professor James Anderson, Public Lecture, University of Southampton
  • Dr Andrew Brooke-Taylor, Logic & Set Theory, University of Leeds
  • Professor Brita Nucinkis, Algebra, Royal Holloway University of London
  • Dr Helen Ogden, Probability & Statistics, University of Southampton
  • Professor Melanie Rupflin, Analysis & PDEs, University of Oxford
  • Dr Jamie Vicary, Category Theory & Computer Science, University of Oxford
  • Dr Lynne Walling, Number Theory, University of Bristol
  • Dr Claude Warnick, Mathematical Physics, University of Cambridge
  • Professor Sarah Whitehouse, Topology, University of Sheffield

The fields of study covered by our speakers above are not the only topics we hope to see at YRM 2018! We still have some speakers to confirm, and of course there are still your contributed talks! Here is a Wordle of some of the topics coming to YRM 2018 so far:


A list of participants can be found here: Participants.