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About Winton

What we do

Winton is a global investment management and data science company. We use tools drawn from data science and advanced technology to identify subtle patterns in the behaviour of financial markets. Winton employs more than 400 people in nine offices around the world, and manages approximately $30 billion for many of the world’s largest pension schemes and institutional investors.

Our Philosophy

Founded in 1997, Winton’s business is grounded in the belief that the scientific method and data science can be profitably applied to investing. Our experience is that markets, rather than being “efficient”, exhibit exploitable behavioural characteristics. Harnessing these requires the understanding and use of statistical, mathematical and computing techniques.


About Enable

Founded in 2000, by entrepreneurs Denys Shortt OBE and Andrew Butt, Enable builds and supports business software and mobile applications using Microsoft technology, for some of the UK’s largest companies. From our humble beginnings in a stable block, our team has grown to 75 people, half of whom are in technical software development roles. Our ambition is to double in size by 2020. Everything we do, how we do it, and why we do it is rooted in two concepts: freedom and focus. In particular, we provide our clients with software solutions which allow them to focus on what matters for their business.


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